Industrial Cleaning

Maintain A Safe & Healthy Environment

It is GNC Greencare Janitorial Services Inc. that plays a vital part when it comes to cleaning the industrial building. We offer many specialty cleaning services. High-level dusting is a very important task that should be performed frequently to maintain a clean facility.

Even in day to day routine, the industrial building needs thorough clean up. Whether we dust, vacuum, or wipe the dirt, the majority of this delicate work is completed by hand for the best results.

Scheduling the cleaning process in your facility for high-level cleaning will prevent the build-up of dust, dirt, debris. Depending on the environment of your facility quarterly, semi-quarterly, or annual high-level cleaning will keep this unsightly build-up from becoming an issue.

Our Cleaning Pathway

  • Light fixtures
  • Structural supports including roof trusses and support beams
  • Fans and exhausts
  • Electrical conduit
  • Production equipment, platforms, tubing, and enclosures
  • Racking and shelving
  • High-level walls and ledges
  • Vent covers and diffuser grills
  • Props, signage, and displays
  • Exposed duck work
  • Fire sprinklers, gas and water lines



No more sick days

If high-level dust is not maintained regularly it could cause health issues. Falling dirt and debris could affect machinery and equipment slow. Disruption of production lines or product quality can also be affected by falling dirt and debris.

Maintaining a healthy environment for your employees will promote a pleasant and productive workplace with fewer sick days.